Good News! 

I am running for House District 54 and I am excited to represent you and would like your support.

What prompted me to run for HD 54? I want to:

Work to Ensure Safe Communities

The highest purpose of our police is to secure the life, safety, and property for members of our community.  While police have to be held accountable for their actions, they must be able to enforce the law confident they have our support.  We need to adequately fund, train, and honor the vast majority of police who serve with honor and heroism.  

 Work to Empower Parents 

Schools and teachers are vitally important, but parents should be the primary decision makers in their childrens’ education.  School curriculum, teaching methods and board policies must be fully transparent and easily accessible to parents. I will work to improve education outcomes and help our children still recovering from the effects of the pandemic. Parents of limited means and working parents should have their voices heard.

Work to Reduce Homelessness

Like you, I want to help and show compassion to people struggling to survive.  Widespread homelessness and tents on the street are not the answer.  Both adversely impact the health and safety of the person and our neighborhoods.  We need to create public/private partnerships, work with our churches, communities, and networks of shelters and services to make alternatives to homelessness safer and more accessible. We need to address the root causes of addiction, mental health and poverty. Facilitating job creation, and supporting our employers, will also help to reduce homelessness.


I have worked as the Director for a rural Chamber of Commerce, Chief of Staff, Oregon Senate legislature; Constituent Services Manager, U.S. House of Representatives; and for a non-profit working to reduce the root causes of poverty. 

"Judy Trego is a doer and not a talker."

–Martin C

I will need your help as we work together on issues here in Oregon. I am asking you to make a donation to my campaign so we can turn Oregon around together.